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Wall Sticker Bedroom Design!

hi today we’re going to decorate Carmen’s bedroom with mermaids are you excited both backgammon yeah alright let’s get started ok so I’m going to lay this out so

i’ll hit what we have here there we go fabulous job Carmen I’m going to start by slowly pressing it and I’m going to smooth it all the way down all right Carmen I’m gonna have you put the bubble on next when you climb up on your bed to reach it i right by the turtle well put

1 p.s i love that this makes it look like the turtles actually underwater take a look at that yeah I’m just great then I’ll put like that fish make on that side perfect on my door you know now let’s try the wrist now sometimes with the larger stickers you get tiny air bubbles so what

I do is I start from the center and smooth them out and then I think I should break the animal with their tail good idea now Karmin the best thing about these bowls acres is if you decide that you don’t want it there watch what we can do and put them somewhere else

I know perfect there’s a couple more smooth without those bubbles yeah then the little bubbles on this area seven audion couple the door and should we put more on that side yeah okay we have a few left and we have a fish we catch you covertly and now we’re done garmin what do you think I love it looks beautiful if you want stickers that look just like these go to Isaac up com

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