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Planner Chick Design Sticker book zip tool

hi guys i just received my proclick zip tool from planner chick designs and one of the Oh totally drawing a blank on the budget sheet and I need to add it into my sticker book but

I was drawing a blank on how the heck to use this thing and so I reached out to Wendy to ask her and I looked it up but I wanted to show

you how easy it is to use this tool so one thing to note you should always take the cover and fold it back to the back so that the front and back covers are touching each other just like so and then I would open it up to where you want to you you know put your insert in

I have it open out where I need it because I want to use the budget sheet into my money section so you take the the little zip tool and this little pointer thing that’s at the bottom you’re going to insert that into the whole of the sticker book and you literally just slide

it up and you can see that it has opened up for me so now I just simply add my sheet in and when I’m ready to close it I’m going to take the wide end of this this is the narrow end and this is the wide end and I’m going to slip it in here and just slide it across how great is this one was left still where I had to click but oh my gosh so super fast so that is how you use the proclick zip tool I hope you found this video useful Thank You Wendy

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