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Cinderella movie today I’m going to turn my nails into a Disney Princess so keep watching if you want to see how oh and by the way sorry about the quality of this video

my camera charger broke so I have to make do with one of my other cameras so bear with me for a couple of weeks until I get my camera issues sorted anyways hope you like this design at least the thumbnail still looks kinda presentable as always apply base coat to protect

your nails then a coat of a light blue polish to all of your nails and let it dry next to add some more color to the design a lighter brush into a white nail polish and draw a few vertical lines on the index and pinky finger from the middle finger section the nail

into a half moon manicure by lining the lower third and filling in the top section with the white polish and for the ring finger and thumb section off the top of the nail into a French manicure you can also use a tip guide for this if you prefer a cleaner line then to tidy

up use a silver liner polish and line the half my manicure and the edge of the French tip then add vertical lines to the ring finger to match the pattern to the rest of the nails next comes the fun part you can find these Cinderella stickers on my website at Melanie comm I think even without the decorated lives they look good just on its arm cut with the lines it looks better peel the sticker off with a pair of tweezers place them on the nail and press down to flatten for the ring finger

I added Cinderella’s shoe and for the remaining nails which is pick whatever you like on the sticker sheet to create a set of Cinderella now you once you’re done apply top coat to all of your nails to secure the decal make sure the sticker drives flat on the now to prolong the wearing time of your manicure and that’s how you turn your nails into a Disney Princess I am really looking forward to seeing this Cinderella movie because it is one of my favorite Disney cartoons growing up if you like this video please rate it share it and add it to a favorite playlist subscribe for updates I upload new videos every Thursday Asia Pacific time or Wednesday everywhere else thanks for watching

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