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hello guys and welcome to my channel so today’s video is very short at least for my usual video linked and this is a sticker design for the NYADA from overwatch a very fun hero to play and I

actually planned on making three of these speakers for this video but I didn’t get around to it like I mentioned in my juice this video my dog is sick and I mentioned the chill getting better but she suddenly got worse very quickly and it was evening and we had to call an emergency vet because they already left for the day and it turned out her

medication was not working and there is a very high chance that she’ll need surgery and tomorrow she’ll have to go on some more tests some blood work and after that we will know for sure but the vet said that it’s very likely that you’ll need it and that if we tried

continuing with the medication it might not work and they did would probably come back anyway so the surgery is actually the safest and best option here so that’s ahead of us and she needs a lot of care and we’ll need more so any positive vibes in their way I totally

appreciate it and just I’m so sad to see her like that because she might be 10 years old but she’s still a puppy and just like she usually is very active and like puppy ish and now she’s like sleepy second I’m said to so yeah um that’s it actually for this video I’m sorry did this is very short and said video but yeah so I just want to say thank you for watching guys and for supporting me and for all your lovely comments and I will see you in my next video bye

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