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Using Sticker You’s Label Designs

welcome to sticker you tutorials will show you how to create your very own custom labels and just a few easy steps first start by going to sticker you calm navigate to the shop tab and then choose your desired product you can choose from a variety of templates or create your own custom design from scratch for this video

we’ll create some wedding saver labels on the products web page click the large blue button to create your custom labels choose from a variety of templates shapes and sizes if you don’t see one you like or

if you change your mind you can always adjust the size and shape later in the label editor you can start with a blank label or choose a design to begin editing choose between the two order options select the option on the left if you’re filling your page with the same repeating design or choose the option on the right if your labels will all be different you can customise your labels by adding

your own text changing the font or even the size in the color of the letters change the color of your label by clicking the background and then using the background color button you can keep and change some of the artwork in your design to another color when you’re happy with your label design click the blue done editing button and now you can select your product type material and order quantity

under the product type drop-down you can decide how you want to receive your labels depending on which product you order you may have the option of choosing your labels to be delivered as sheets individually cut handouts or on rolls if you select cans labels as your product type your labels will be printed with a permanent adhesive under the material drop-down you can decide which material you would like your labels to be printed on our most popular classic material is removable white vinyl now

you can choose your ordered quantity and add any special instruction ensure that the label preview shown is exactly how you want your labels to be printed once you’re happy with your design click the blue add to cart button thank you for choosing sticker you if you have any questions about our products please contact us online at sticker EUCOM you

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