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Sticker Knight Design – Game Design Checklists

so you’ve got your hero you got your enemy enemies you get your pickups know as you go through this is there a checklist that you go through and say hey I need to make sure that

we have these elements yeah I mean a little bit so I mean a lot of this stuff we already kind of have right so you’re gonna have and we already have an enemy class we already have a hero class for dead weight and skip chaser so they just need to be pared down and usually just end up throwing them away and starting over from something simple but like I know

what I’m going to do in the door will be a hour class for exiting a level right so we know we have you know you’re going to put the hero in that scene and you know in fact this is kind of how we we do it is you know but so the hero here will be where you start in the level and the door here will be where you end in the level so be very visual representations of it

so if I’m you know make a level where you come back to where you start it would be pretty simple for you to do okay here we go so this looks like this you can do this jump up here and do this and you’re out right that kind of becomes the whole game or and it’s pretty simple

you look at it and go oh I get it now like stop coding stop developing stop doing anything else and let’s think about like you know what we’re gonna do inside the game and you know probably too much for this but what you know we’ve done in the past is we have these little little signs that bumping into these signs would trigger some sort of dialog box that would say you know hey keep going this way

you’re almost there ba ba ba um yeah I don’t know just done it so many times right I’m it makes the other thing tues when you’re building a game I think it’s very telling right so I’m building skip chaser and I love nuclear throne I love Diablo like I love these other games that are just like spacer and I’m spending my time kind of building a game

that I know exactly how I wanted to play fri it so I’m just checking things off my mental checklist and we have asana and that we use to kind of put everything out there so you’re right yeah we do have like tasks that get a sign and so on and so on but for the most part is kind of mental checklist versus doing something like time golf squad where

I really don’t know like what the next thing and that game is going to be like I have no idea like and and working on little projects like this um you know I’ll discover something doing this then I’ll be like oh that’s really cool like that’s something I need to pull out and put into this other game um so sore game jams for us a lot to like sit down and doing a game jam like will come up with my idea or a gameplay mechanic that pool you know want to move over and something else that were working on

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