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Marketing: Designing for Print : Design Magnetic Bumper Stickers

In this clip we’re going to talk about designing a magnetic bumper sticker.

The good news about this is until recently in order to have a magnetic anything you had to print the paper first and then attach it to a magnetic sheet but there is new products that are available on the market where

you can print directly to the white paper and it already has a magnetic surface to the back of it and this is an example of just a plain white sheet that just runs through the press just like paper. You need to find a printer that is used to printing on it. It is not hard but that should be something you would want to talk to them about before you start is that they can’t print on the magnetic paper and run it through their presses.

It works really great. I mean it prints wonderfully. You can do full color printing and it just is a really nice product and it is a big difference, it is a lot simpler than the processes that we used to get through and one thing I wanted to say is also just think about that that is just a bumper sticker but there are so many uses for this and you can put it on your car but you can also put it on your fridge.

You can put it on your filing cabinet, on your toolbox. One use that I think is really great is on your medicine cabinet if you need to have medical reminders, things like that, phone numbers for emergencies. They can also be used for signs on a vending machine, on a school locker and even on an elevator so when you are printing you might want to think about what are the other places it can be used and your product and then design for that size as well. So that is all you need to know about designing on magnetic bumper stickers.

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