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How to Make a Wall Decal – Step 1: Design the Decal

hi Jerri Kubota here sunshiny cows and  in my previous video showed you the four  steps that I take to create a wall decal  what I want to do here is to take each  of those steps and kind of break them  down for you so in this video.

I’m going  to take step number one which is to  design the decal and so that’s what I’m  going to do here start with step number  one and we do that on the computer that  if you watch my previous video.

you might  have noticed that I did it rather  quickly and that’s because I already  have my templates for each of the  designs in my Etsy store okay so let’s  take for instance I let’s take this.

Jakub decal with the helicopter okay and  the customer says wow I like that decal  but with the name and so that’s that’s  what I was gonna have to design the  decal to reflect the name and you so.
I’m  going to go into my Etsy folder right  here which I created my desktop.

I have a  few categories here but one little bit  is decal templates fighting that’s where  I would find that decal because I named  each of my files based on the name that  you see in the picture in the store so.

so I’m going to get a request okay so that’s the Jacob decal that’s the Jacob design so I’m gonna type in J jumps now to to the to the J’s in my list and  there is Jacob so I’m going to open it  up and there.

you go I open up my my design my template and I I use Adobe  Illustrator it’s my it’s my tool of  choice for designing my my decals now  these this is this is the font and  although this might look like a graphic  this is actually also font from a  collection of funds so it makes it 

easier to work with you’re going to see  how easy it is to create the outline so  first of all I need to change the name  so let’s start there let’s not go ahead  of ourselves so they want like that did 

Andrew of course I have to make  appropriate adjustments because it’s  going to fall off the page and it’s  going to be a little to get so I have to  keep it within the margins I already  know that many decals going to be 22  inches wide and that’s the margins that  I have here looks pretty centered that’s 

it it’s that easy really so the next  thing I’m going to do is to pull up my  cut studio plugin which works with my  rolling cutter it came with the roller  cutter and ever since I’ve used it quite  frankly it works just fine so that’s why  these I want go to my Windows menu  option go down to cut studio plugin and pull it up and I’ll show you how easy it  is to create outlines for these fonts so.

let’s start with this one up here and create outline and there it is you see  it around the screen there and Andrews  want me to create the outlines so that  the cutter recognizes the outline and  there it is now all I have to do is open  up my rolling cut studio plug-in and  just click on this little button right  here  Bing and it’s often there is now I don’t  know if you can see it but the design is  there and basically

we’re ready to send  to the cutter but now we have to go to  step number two which is to load the  vinyl cutter and send the design to cut  so that’s what I’m going to do in the  next video  for more of my instructional videos  visit my blog at wall decal business  calm thanks for watching and I’ll see  you in the next video

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