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Elizabeth Craft Designs: Peel-Off Stickers

hi this is Alice for Elizabeth craft designs in this YouTube I would like to show you the basic techniques how to use our peel off stickers they come in gold silver and black in a lot of different designs

if you’ve never used a pile of sticks before I promise you you will fall in love from the start so these are the peel off stickers they come in gold silver and black the durable waterproof vinyl they’re great for cards and other paper crafts but you can also use them for mixed media or home d├ęcor

what I would like to show you in this YouTube is how to transfer the sticker on to your project so this is a black little sticker these are the gifts what I would like to do first I’m going to take up everything that’s around them sometimes I use this most of the times I just toss this away so now i have my peel off stickers here and i’m going to use my Elizabeth graphic design fine point 2

tweezer to lift up the peel offs so you just bend your sheet a little bit take it off and then you can put it on your card stock if you have trouble putting it on your card stock because sometimes there’s static you can make your fingers wet a little bit and add it to the back of the sticker but you can actually if you would like to you can even put it in the water lift it out and then stick it on

so that’s an easy way to use it and then you just take a piece of paper towel and tap it so that’s a way to transfer if you have bigger images or images that are harder to transfer you can do it the following way as well so you take a tweezer lift it up put it upside down on a craft sheet make sure it’s not paper underneath because otherwise it will get in trouble and then you take your cardstock and you just stick it on there and then you have a perfect transfer as well then I would like to show you some samples and in another video I will also show you how to use the negative part so the leftovers of the stickers so

here we have one so this is one of care and Bernstein’s designs and I use the peel off stickers on the front and I used it on the inside and these are the tombow markers are used for coloring here you see the negative parts which I will show you later then I have an accordion using the peel off stickers with a different technique then I have a Christmas cards also an accordion and we design some peel off stickers especially for the use of care and burn essence accordion dies and then this one let’s then how one of

our favorites love that one and then here you can see you can also use them on photo fall that it’s a photo folder and I recently decorated the back of my iphone which was a fun project so you can use them in all different surfaces and they’re really really fun to work with thank you for watching this video about how to use the peel off stickers if you’re interested in buying anything I used in a youtube today you can find a link in the description box below that box will also have a link to all a social media because we have a lot of Facebook blog pinterest and you will find a lot of inspiration there as well thank you you

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