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Design car window stickers with a twist!

it is said your choice of vehicle tells the world a lot about who you are but did you know it’s what’s on the rear window that really counts so what’s on

your window okay let’s make your statement to the world something more original than stick figures it must be creative and dynamic and express your quirkiness the power is yours introducing quercus a website of Awesomeness where you can make something extraordinary in 20 seconds so easy and lots of fun do it on

your computer tablet or phone there is now no excuse for anyone to go through life Myrtle’s alright but what is a quirk a quirky is sophisticated inspiring and totally unique they are car stickers with or run simply point and click to create your promete statement to the world you’re quirky piece of art we’ll add some class to your rear end or make these now go to the website and start creating queries where you can make something extraordinary for your car window love it and please tell your friends

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