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Create Your Own Stickers! (Custom Sticker Builder)

hey what’s going on guys as you guys know I am true she is today I want to do quick short shout out video to Staker this site is awesome is really really cool

you can actually design your own stickers and have them printed and these aren’t all ordinary stickers these things are super super high quality and they are really really awesome to put on different things I actually made a stay true sticker as well as a regular

YouTube play button sticker and personally they came out really really good kind of a glossy you feel to it and I’m very very satisfied on how they look I actually decided to put one of my stickers on my xbox I thought it’d really be pretty cool I’m a big sticker type of guy

I always love stickers always put stickers on everything I’m also hope you guys did not know I’m a big long border I love to longboard I think it’s really really relaxing and cool along board and so I actually put the sticker on the bottom of my board and personally

I think it looked a Ruby Ruby cool um I know I know a lot of other skaters have like different stickers depending on like what brands are use and stuff like that and personally I’d be really cool to customize your own sticker and you can put it on your own board so if

you want to customize your own stickers all I have to do is go and stick your app comm and click on the print custom stickers tab and you’ll get to this page and it’s really cool you can choose if you want to have like an outline of your sticker or just regular shapes and then you want to choose your size of how big you want your stickers to be and then the a quantity amount of stickers

you want and that’s going to determine the price so anyways once you determine what shape and what size you want it to be and how many are in a gift you can upload your own image and I have this stay true image already made for me I’m just gonna upload that and once it’s done uploading you’re actually going to be getting – like do you fix up tap I want to call it we’re gonna actually fix up your image

make it thicker or say if you have some white spacings you want to delete you guys can do that but if it looks good you can just continue and then enter in your shipping and your billing information one of my favorite aspects of the whole entire sticker is that you’re able to peel it off and there’s not gonna be any leftover marks on whatever surface you put it on and the

stickers actually reusable so you can put it on any other surface again so you can use these things multiple times so if you’re interested in customizing your own stickers make sure you guys check out stick wrap that calm and put in the description and I’m going to be going to a couple gaming events over the next year so I’ll make sure you guys stop by and I can give you guys some stickers anyways have a great day stay true pace

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